94k arch(300+ attack hero 9+ star set). PLUS 10 waves of 100k scout bombs.

Your Army: - 775,000 wars/1.8 million pikemen/165,000 ballista MINIMUM/15,000 pults/3.8 million arch(not all will be lost some will be for loy). 1 million scouts.

1,936 Level 12's Every 18 miles on x and y, starting from 9,9 onwards.

1 Level 12 has:
warriors 1,120,000 (1.12 million)
Swords 162,666
Archers 42,807
Cataphracts 108,444
Ballista 14,640

Theory: (I am going off my own experiences, could require less..) Rally spot: Lv 10. HC's not needed 12's are different they can be taken many ways i will list 2. First method- 2 waves 125k pikes for horsies.(250+ attack hero 9 set reccommended) 10-20 waves arch rainbow 1k wars/pike/swords/scouts/work 500 cav 500 phract 94k arch(300+ attack hero 9+ star set) Then 30+ waves 50k arch/50k wars(for loy hero's specs doesnt really matter just make sure they are  lvl 50+) Second Method- 1 wave 112k balli 3k pults 1k rams/pike/sword/wars/scouts/workers/3k trans(Hero lvl 100-150 460 attack almost exactly if you have higher attack put it towards intel 12 set is reccommended), Finally 50 waves of 50k wars/50k archers.

Your Army: - First method- 510k pikemen/ 2.44 million arch MINIMUM(note some about half will be for loy)/1.52 million wars (mostly for loy as well) Second method- 112k balli/3k pults/1k rams/layers/2.5 million arch/wars(mostly for loyalty)

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